Lila interviewed Christopher Titmuss for several years, on different themes and topics relevant to awakening in our life.


Christopher Titmuss, a senior meditation and Dharma teacher in the west, a former Buddhist monk in Thailand and India, offers Dharma teachings addressing the wide variety of issues in daily life including mindfulness, meditation, communication and wise action.


Lila and Christopher are long term friends and were teaching together since 2004, including in this MTTC course (Mindfulness teacher training course).


EXTRACTS FROM THE INTERVIEW     MTTC course, September 2017 Germany

If we look a little deeper, it a metaphysic: its that overall single concept 

Imposed upon the actual dependent arising.

But there are reference in the text – the Buddha speaks about the connection of mind with other minds

Something is flowing that is so refined, and I get some conformations in one way or another.

My eyes and ears are too gross to such sensitivity

When we are more sensitive, receptive, the deeper we are  the world becomes magical. the world opens its secrets up

The invisible becomes much more visible;  The un-manifest becomes much more manifests. so the world is much richer because of the depth and there is much more feeling of synchronicity. spontaneity and events  weaving together  which n could never in zillion years plan.

The quiet happiness and freedom  is the conformation of the infinite

Infinite and freedom are two words of the same event

Life is so free it allows such diversities – all the diversity is a statement of how free life is

 And since its so free we are belonging to it – we are a confirmation of its freedom

life is bigger than that (unity, connectivity etc)  – recognize the disconnect,

the wish to have everything beautiful is a prejudice view point!

Q: When the heart is closed what would help us to realizes the deep?

A: not to talk (with the other person) about that which is closed down. Talk about something totally different. Totally unexpected.  For self practice – to walk up and down till the energy is changed.



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