Lila interviewed Christopher Titmuss for several years, on different themes and topics relevant to awakening in our life.


Christopher Titmuss, a senior meditation and Dharma teacher in the west, a former Buddhist monk in Thailand and India, offers Dharma teachings addressing the wide variety of issues in daily life including mindfulness, meditation, communication and wise action.


Lila and Christopher are long term friends and were teaching together since 2004, including in this MTTC course (Mindfulness teacher training course).


EXTRACTS FROM THE INTERVIEW     MTTC course, June 2017 Germany


Meditation advise – there has to be a point when the meditator lose interest in focusing the mind upon an object of meditation. That is no longer a priority. Moving from the form to the formless. Receptivity that allows something to move in consciousness to provide insights and realization and takes the power out of the world to have dominancy over one life.

Emptiness - It makes everything else possible…

Its not that I have something that others don’t have. Its knowing it that makes all the difference… life and death rest in something that is not life and is not death…

Knowing is the end of movement

We live under a spell of movement: of doing. It’s a spell of the consciousness

When the spell finishes and is over with, the sense of something genuine and real which all this rests in, manifests, reveals, confirms.

A seeing and a knowing that is e quite comfortable with duality and non duality

Freedom is freedom – 3 manifestations of freedom - freedom from the problematic,   freedom to be,  -  and these 2 leads to the freedom to act.

What motivates you?

The life so far had sustained itself in real sense of being fulfilled

Q- What is your deepest wish?

A- The full awakening of human beings and flowing along with that, make all these teachings applicable



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