Lila interviewed Christopher Titmuss for several years, on different themes and topics relevant to awakening in our life.


Christopher Titmuss, a senior meditation and Dharma teacher in the west, a former Buddhist monk in Thailand and India, offers Dharma teachings addressing the wide variety of issues in daily life including mindfulness, meditation, communication and wise action.


Lila and Christopher are long term friends and were teaching together since 2004, including in this MTTC course (Mindfulness teacher training course).


EXTRACTS FROM THE INTERVIEW     MTTC course, June 2017 Germany


Christopher is talking about his first steps in teachings, and about his first meditative experiences as well as various spiritual experiences from early childhood. "God is always with me". That sense haven't changed. Always been there. Only with gaps of days at maximum. I was always a happy child.

 About God – that which I can rest in, rely upon and is always available.

 It’s the quiet unshakable sustained sense that one is resting in something bigger then oneself, which I referred to as god, and I can refer to as reality or infinite or eternity.

Entering the monastery, I can't remember looking for something, but more the interest in this human being. Something was moving and exploring, and it just had to be that way…

There is very little suffering in my life.  As long as the receptivity is there, I can hear theirs without too much getting in the way.

Not experiencing major suffering is due entirely to the resting in God. The resting in somehow gives enough space to put perspective on the little events. And that perspective is the saving grace from God. The resting generates a natural freedom which in turn generate curiosity. The word Infinite is important to me. I want to express it through exploration. There is no limit to the exploration. Outwardly, form, practices, ways of teaching, infinitely different kinds of ways of meditation, of working on myself, infinite opportunity and that gives a lot of vitality.









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